Hi All,
Can somebody help Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan
(MKSS) http://www.freedominfo.org/case/mkss/mkss.htm
and National Campaign for People's Right to
Information (NCPRI)
http://www.righttoinformation.info/, and maybe even
Right to Food Campaign http://righttofoodindia.org/
make a transition to GNU/Linux.
Right to Food and Right to Information are in Delhi, so
can somebody from Delhi please volunteer to help. I am
thinking that we should first transition them over to
using free software applications running on Window$, and
then once they are comfortable and trained on GNU/Linux
applications switch them over to Free Software.
They already have theopencd CD's. Please contact Neeraj
if you want to help, he works with
Right to Information.

Excerpt from Aruna Roy's email to me
"Much as we all want to use Linux, we have to be
trained to us it and understand the use of such
software. There has to be a team that comes to educate


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