Thanks Ravi. I actually emailed them saying that I will gather the student data offline and then send them one datafile by email. I know that such requests must be turned down but you know how it works. People think that temporary convenience is more important than freedom.

 Snehal M Shekatkar
Pune, India

Mar 12, 2021, 11:24 by
I am looking for a free software substitute for Google forms. I would really appreciate if you can suggest something on urgent basis. is a free software alternative for Google Forms. I cannot recommend you to use that because it installs Google Analytics cookies in the visitor's browser. In other words, the central server front end is nonfree software because it contains Google Analytics cookies which is nonfree.

If you would like to use this alternative, please request the visitors to use Privacy Badger plugin which will block the Google Analytics cookies. uBlock origin also blocks the GA.

My suggestion is that they can send students the questions or entries that they would like to collect using Google Forms from the students in the mail.

Like, in the mail itself create a form such as:

Fill the following details:

Date of Birth:

I wish to turn down 2 requests in which students are being forced to
fill their information in Google forms.

In my opinion, the requests should be turn down. No one should be forced to fill Google Forms for education.

Ravi Dwivedi
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