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I propose 12th March 9:30 pm as the meeting date to finalize this article.

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 Snehal M Shekatkar
Pune, India

Mar 3, 2021, 13:09 by ravi@anche.no:
I have emailed to GNU about publishing the statement on their webpage. Let's hope that they accept, and then we would be able to provide a link to that page.

Yes. That's good.
Till then, how about including the statement as a part of the article but including it at the end of the article? Or if it is possible, can FSF India publish it under use cases on their webpage?

I think FSF India can publish it under use cases on their webpage. For that, in my opinion, your head needs to change FOSS to 'Free Software' in the statement. I think you can add in the statement on how you handle emails-- probably, you can write that you run your own server.

And please add the contact details in the end so that people can contact your department for help(as the statement said that you will be glad to help other institutes).
I am new to this ecosystem so I am not sure how it works usually.

We discuss it in the private mailing list for consensus.
I am also going through the corrected draft. I think suggestions from RMS are helpful as always and you have done a great job writing and modifying the article.

I have incorporated the comments-> <https://pad.disroot.org/p/educationfreesoftware>.
Perhaps it would be helpful to hold another meeting to discuss the corrected version after the deadline of 8th March.

Please propose a date for meeting after 10th March 2021.

Ravi Dwivedi
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