We are thinking of using  SUGAR(OLPC) on normal PC for kids.
Is there any experience ?

with regards,

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SOFTWARE FOR KIDS: A new site focussing on what is freely available
(free-beer, free-speech) for helping children learn. Specially the
young ones, with a focus on India and South-Asia. Current links

* Yobler.com … educational videos
* The Digital Study Hall (DSH)
* ET? What's that? (An Aug 2008 conf in Bangalore)
* Educational power points…. http://pppst.com/ Pete's Power Point Station.
* Educational resources… from azimpremjifoundation.org
* Taking sharing to the classroom (downloadable FLOSS report)
* The 4000-rupee computer shows up in Goa
* Why Free Software makes sense in education
* Computer education for rural kids riddled with obstacles

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