>Do you think any request to Red Hat to change the name of their distro
>to Red Hat GNU/Linux will work?
>We can try that as it is the most popular distro and the name can reach
>many people.

Well, I don't think RH will bother much. As RMS has pointed out, business firms like Red Hat are trying to cash on the ``popularity factor'' rather than the philosophy behind it & rarely acknowledge the initiative taken by the FSF to create a ``free'' OS & still tell people that ``Linux'' is an OS that was *created* by Linus Torvalds. They just mention the name of the GNU Project at the end of the manuals where they include the GPL - thus bewildering the uninitiated & forcing him to think what on earth ``GNU'' is. IMHO, Mandrake is the only company to use the name GNU/Linux in its manuals & all the treeware. I am really not much confident about big companies like RH & SuSE, which happens to be my distro.

B. Ghose

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