Hello Philip,
What you say is true, People do not seem to be taking the time to research the site,
but just pop up questions hoping that their invaluable time is saved
by others spending their invaluable time in answering the original mail.

I believe it is the " You have to help me " Syndrome.
People believe that the problem they have is unique in some way and that there
are others who are there to help them, rather are obliged to help them.

They may be ready to pay for it. A small price may be nothing.

We can put up a compilation of the different problems that were solved by LUG mails
and a set of CD's could be made available for sale at writing price plus a small margin
for people who put up all the effort.
We can also incorporate useful tips and hints from advanced users.
A part of the profits can also be used to finance future LUG activities.

In the future, if the problems asked are repetitive, then o nly reference to the CD can be made.



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