I have gone through all the post related to LAMP...
I feel, I should give more details regarding nature of automated system required...
So that I can get some specific pointers...
System Requirement:
1. It will be mainly a small 3000 to 5000 record database with student details
2. As of now, main application of it is to generate exam grade reports...
3. And it should be able to give concise & well formatted reports, which could be printed on ordinary printers
4. The periodic backup of records, if it can be integrated in automation system, rather than relying on OS level backup.
According to me, there are three main parts of the system,
1) Data Entry of records
2) Algorithm to generate reports based on schools grading logic
3) Report Generation & Printing
My View
* 1st & 3rd part functions should be extremely user friendly.
* Business logic should be isolated into module of its own, and tightly secured. (I don't know how?)
* Report generation will be multilingual (English, Gujarati), so better printing support.
1) If at all LAMP is feasible? If yes, how can LAMP setup be utilized?
2) Application should be Desktop based or web based?
Kamlesh Parmar