Dear All,
I plugged an External HP DAT  drive into redhat linux 6.2 box on Adaptec SCSI Controller.
After restarting the server I used dmesg to see whether  SCSI card and drive are detected .. but could not find it there. Kudzu was able to detect the Card and the hwconf shows the entries as below.
class: SCSI
bus: PCI
detached: 0
driver: aic7xxx
desc: "Adaptec|AHA-2940U2/W"
vendorId: 9005
deviceId: 0010
pciType: 1
After rebooting the computer again I could not find st0 in dmesg.
The SCSI Configuration utility was able to detect the DAT Drive SCSI Controller ID:7 and DAT Drv ID:8.
Can somebody pls help me to configure this thing.