Hello friends,
I am a IT businessman since 1997, after my graduation, I am heading a software and IT services company in Singapore. I do several freelance,
projects on emerging technologies. I assit, budding business, IT, and now Linux professionals to start business in Singapore and California.
I have a strong presence in these two cities for nearly 8 years. I represent several IT and Business consulting firms as Senior Consultant
and Project lead and help them seek GRANTS, INVESTMENTS, JOBS, from several government agencies (in Singapore government support to local and
foreign talents are quite straight forward and easy) and other sectors both in Singapore and United States.
I wish to start (infact started) a Linux Solutions and Consultancy division within my existing framework in the US and Singapore, (We all can
explore the structure, product and services related to the business anlayzing the strength & weeknesses) I can organize funding locally but
looking for young, innovative talents, domain experts to shake hands (as I am not a TOTAL linux guru) we can design, develop and create a
huge academy down the line (I am fairly a successful IT technopreneur & business man in my Career in this last 8 years). I wish to discuss
this with individuals who are interested to have a one to one chat to take this project forward.
Candidates looking for a JOB can work for your own company in US / Singapore. Work VISA, Company, Start up capital, connections and network
is available abundant except talents in this field. Interested friends, feel free to contact me at linuxeffort@yahoo.com (Open for any age
group). As an Indian, I normally help my fellow citizens worldwide as much as I can. Note: Please send your personal email address while your
communicate back to me.
Dear Friends, I live in Singapore, I am silent member of this group, If anyone is interested in any of the opportunities explained, we can
meet in SG and discuss the possible happenings in the industry and I can open opputunities for budding technoprenuers from India.
Albert H

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